Like never before, ordinary people and politicians now agree that we need new measures of progress.

The Happy Planet Index has attracted worldwide attention as an important part of this agenda. See what some of our high profile supporters have said about the HPI, and who has signed up to our Happy Planet Charter.

The Happy Planet Charter

We need new measures of human progress.

The Happy Planet Index offers us an excellent example of how such measures work in practice. It shows that while the challenges faced by rich resource-intensive nations and those with high levels of poverty and deprivation may be very different, the end goal is the same: long and happy lives that don’t cost the earth.

We must balance the prominence currently given to GDP with those measures that take seriously the challenges we face in the 21st century: creating economies that deliver sustainable well-being for all.

By signing this charter we:

  • Call on governments to adopt new measures of human progress that put the goal of delivering sustainable well-being for all at the heart of societal and economic decision-making
  • Resolve to build the political will needed across society to fully establish these better measures of human progress by working with partner organisations
  • Call on the United Nations to develop an indicator as part of the post-2015 framework that, like the Happy Planet Index, measures progress towards the key goal for a better future: sustainable well-being for all

If your organisation is interested in signing the Charter please contact us.

People and organisations who have signed the charter include: